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Star-Seed [18KT Gold]

Star-Seed [18KT Gold]

SKU: 10005

"Star-Seed" .: This pendant features a "Seed of Life" pattern fantasy cut in a beautiful Amethyst, Color-Changing Mahenge Garnet Pear, VVS+ Diamond Options, Sapphires and Alexandrites.

(Amethyst cut by Atelier Munsteiner)


Diamond Options:

SI+ .: (Eco)

VS++ .:  (Standard)

VVS+++ .: (Flooded)

Engraving Options:

Graver V+ .: (Light)

Graver V++ .: (Medium)

Graver V+++ .: (Full Sweep; Artist's Choice) [Client's Choice]


Custom Chain Options:

None .: (Stock Chain)

Star-Link+ .: (Eco, Light)

Star-Link++ .: (Standard, Medium)

Star-Link+++ .: (Flooded, Full Sweep; Artist's Choice) [Client's Choice]


*Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for this piece to be casted, set, and shipped*

All gems are hand-set and engravings done under microscope.


Cryptalogik Jewelry // .: In collaboration with Rueger Jewelry

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