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  • What is CAD?
    CAD is the acronym for Computer-Aided Design. Software that aids in the development of all things creation; from designing a new car, to architecture and jewelry.
  • What type of printer do you use?
    I use the most updated high-defintion 3D printers available that print with castable resin. This medium allows me to then cast the 3D print into Silver or Gold with fine detail.
  • What is a "Fantasy-Cut" gem or stone?"
    A "Fantasy-Cut" is a style of lapidary art in which artists find news ways to make concave cuts on the back of gemstones to create brilliant effects looking down on the table. Gemstone pictured above created by Ryan Joseph.
  • How long does it take to bring a CAD design to final product on a custom order?
    Please allow up to 6 weeks after placing an order as all CAD design pieces are made to order. This includes, printing time, casting time, and gem setting. Note: This does not apply to finished product which ships within 1 or 2 weeks.
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