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CryptalogiK started simply out of the love for all things creation. The more I started to create the more I had a vision for things that not only I really enjoyed creating but people were connecting on.

"CryptalogiK is a digital platform for visionary art displayed in metal. Wearable art at its highest calibration with the help of computer‐aided designs and 3D printers capable of expanding the creative horizon across all platforms."

Once I took CryptalogiK into digital CAD design, that's when I really noticed things were falling into place. My love for digital art and graphic design came together seamlessly.


One thing I think is very special about CryptalogiK is that it takes digital art out of the digital realm and brings it into real life, making it handmade original art work. This is something that we do not normally see with digital art, that on the other hand, an acrylic painting on canvas provides. It was these ideas that made me want to start working with visionary painters, like the APEX Collective collaboration. That is when the metal displays and functional/gallery displays were born. Creating a new medium for visionary art; visionary art in metal!

I hope you continue to follow my journey! Thank you!!!

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